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University Doctoral Studentships: School of Arts & Social Sciences Culture
& Creative Industries, Journalism, Music *City University London*

City University London is a global University committed to academic
excellence with a focus on business and the professions and an enviable
central London location.

The University is continuing its investment in academic excellence by
offering up to 50 fully-funded, full-time, three year Doctoral Studentships
commencing in October 2014. Up to *11* Studentships will be available in
the School of Arts & Social Sciences.

The Studentships will include a waiver of tuition fees and will provide a
student maintenance grant (£16,000 per annum tax free in 2014/15).

The University provides a research and enterprise development programme to
support the development of research skills.

Applications are sought from exceptional UK and overseas graduates. We
would particularly welcome applications from suitably-qualified women and
candidates from minority ethnic groups who are under-represented in many
areas of research.

*Application deadline: 19 March 2014.*

University Doctoral Studentships

Each year, City provides a number of fully-funded, full-time, three-year
Doctoral Studentships to outstanding candidates as part of its ongoing
investment in academic excellence. We are offering up to 50 University
Doctoral Studentships for entry in 2014/15 along with some externally
sponsored opportunities.

University Doctoral Studentships are available to both UK/EU and overseas
fee-paying students who will be studying full-time. They can be held in any
School of the University.

Applicants are assessed on the basis of their research excellence or
demonstrable potential and the quality of their research proposal. Schools
use assessment criteria
help evaluate applications and you are advised to judge yourself against
them before deciding whether to apply for a Studentship.

If you wish to be considered for a Studentship you should also discuss your
proposal with the relevant School to establish whether you can be supported.
What is offered

A Doctoral Studentship provides:

   - an annual bursary (£16,000 in 2014/15 and may be increased in line
   with inflation in subsequent years);
   - a full tuition fee waiver;
   - a one-off allowance of £1,000 which may be used across the three-year
   period of the studentship to support research needs such as specialist
   training, equipment or conference attendance.

Continuation of the award after the first year is subject to confirmation
by the relevant School of satisfactory progress. Studentship holders are
usually expected to undertake some form of teaching support activity as
part of the bursary arrangements. This will be agreed with the School
concerned. Training will be provided to support any teaching activity.

The University provides a broad research and enterprise development
programme to support the development of research skills.
How to apply

Please read the following information *carefully*. Each School has its own
application arrangements and deadlines.

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