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Quando Philip diz "popular music" ele quer dizer música que está na mídia e
aí entra muito mais que "Ai, se eu te pego! "

Martha Ulhôa
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Sorry to clutter up the inbox of anyone uninterested in the music part of
popular music. Feel free to ignore this unless you'd like to know how music
scholars might be able to clean up part of their contribution to the
epistemic mess that is the IASPM rift between those who study 'nothing but
the music' and those interested in 'anything except the music'.

Previously, in *Music's Meanings -- a modern musicolgy for non-musos *(700
pp., 2013)--, I tried to explain how educated individuals without specialist
training in music or musicology can (and should logically) include 'the
music' in their discussion of music-related phenomena.

This time, in *Everyday Tonality II -- towards a tonal theory of what most
people hear* (just published), I address my fellow musos, criticising the
ethnocentric and erratic confusion of conventional music theory. I suggest
alternative approaches and a culturally less restrictive terminology that
can make sense of the tonal aspects of the wide variety of musical styles
that most people hear on a daily basis.

You can find out more about *Everyday Tonality II* (600 pp., a substantial
expansion and radical revision of the 2009 edition, no longer available),
including a summary of its chapters, a sample chapter, its table of
contents, etc. at http://tagg.org/mmmsp/EverydayTonalityInfo.htm. You can
also download the e-book for peanuts by visiting that page and clicking
'Add to cart'.

*Music's Meanings* is still available as both e-book (also for peanuts) and
in hard copy. Details are at http://tagg.org/mmmsp/NonMusoInfo.htm.

Thank you for your attention and sincere apologies if this notice wasted
your time.

Philip Tagg

"If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything."
(Gil Scott Heron's grandma)
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