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Tenho a alegria de informar que acabo de ganhar o *ARSC Preservation Grant*,
para desenvolver um maravilhoso projeto de recuperação de obras, palestras
e depoimentos de Villa-Lobos.
Aqui apenas passo a recente informação sobre o prêmio.
Na semana que vem, com o maior prazer, informarei aos colegas o belo e
fascinante histórico e objetivos do projeto.
Por enquanto adianto apenas que o projeto tem ligação com os anos de chumbo
no Brasil, com o incêndio criminoso e a derrubada do prédio da UNE onde
funcionava o IVL, e o salvamento de material e suportes sonoros
Jorge Antunes

2014-02-14 17:58 GMT-02:00 Suzanne Flandreau <arscgrants em aol.com>:

>  Dear Dr. Antunes:
>  On behalf of the ARSC Preservation Grants committee I am pleased to
> offer you a grant of $7,800 to digitally preserve the paper and wire
> recordings of Hector Villa-Lobos and to reconstruct the two lost guitar
> pieces. The committee found your project very worthwhile, because of the
> fragility of the recordings and the opportunity to reconstruct missing
> works by a major composer.
>  We did not think that the production of a documentary film about the
> project met our guidelines.
>  I hope that this grant amount meets with your approval. This is our
> first international grant, and we will need to make arrangements to
> transfer the money to you. Our ARSC treasurer has actually suggested
> Paypal, if you have a Paypal account. We could also wire the funds to a
> bank account if necessary, though you would have to handle the currency
> conversion. We can discuss these practical issues by email.
>  I look forward to hearing from you that the project will go ahead. I
> will then send you a formal award letter listing the conditions of the
> grant. As soon as I receive a formal reply agreeing to the conditions we
> can make the financial arrangements. To save time, I will send your award
> letter as an email attachment, and you can send me your agreement by email
> also. I do need a formal letter of agreement from you to keep in my files.
>  Congratulations on this award, and on your truly wonderful project.
>  Suzanne Flandreau
> Chair, ARSC Grants Committee
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